Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Y4 - 96/365: These Moments

Today is Matt's last day of holiday and he returns to work in the morning. He was up with Ryan first thing today and Ryan was his BFF for the rest of the day! Before going up for his bath tonight, they sat together watching episodes of Charley Bear on YouTube through the XBox.

At one point in the 'Farmer Bear' episode, there is a robot stuck in a tree and Ryan says to Daddy, "Oh no, Dada! Bot-bot in the tree!" Matt and I both looked at one another having never heard Ryan say this word before much less a sentence as long, and then we both just grinned.

We'll definitely miss these moments as he gets older.


jamiem627 said...

AAW these moments are amazing but every year that goes by will be filled with amazing firsts:) having chidlren just rocks!

Meg said...

I've always known I wanted kids, but never knew I would love it this much. :-)