Saturday, 13 August 2011

Y3 - 317/365: Go Go Go!

"Go, go, go," is what we hear now when Ryan wants to go outside. So tonight after we returned home from Em & Daz's, he grabbed his rucksack and handed it to me before making his request. While Matt made him some scrambled eggs for dinner, we went and took a little walk around the garden.

He really takes things in now when we get out there and he squeals in pure delight because you can tell he doesn't want it to end.

Last week we switched his swing from the 'infant' seat to the regular one. The other seat was a bit awkward and sat up really high. I don't think he was enjoying it as much so I suggested to Matt that we try the "big boy" seat -- hoping that bit by bit his confidence would grow.

He doesn't stay on for very long, but you can tell when he IS on that he loves every second!

After dinner, things were much better with bedtime. I made sure not to rub his back for too long because I didn't want him to think anything in the routine had changed. Instead, after I tucked him in and raised the side of the cot, I lingered for a bit in the doorway waiting for him to get up again.

He didn't. So for now I'll class last night as a one-off and all being well he's back to his regular routine again.

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