Saturday, 6 August 2011

Y3 - 310/365: I Just Want You Close...

Yesterday was a bit of an "off" day for Ryan so imagine my delight when he woke up this morning chirping, "Mama...mamama! Dada, Mama, Kee-kah...mama!" Not a single tear was shed all morning and he was giggly, happy and playful!

We spent the morning cuddling and watching lots of RaaRaa (of course), eating porridge, playing puzzles, cars, stacking and the lot! He was so cheerful and full of energy and it made me so happy considering how it went yesterday for him -- so out of character.

He went down for his nap a bit later since he slept later and he was up in time to get some boy-to-man bonding in with Daddy and Uncle Daz.

He loves being close to Matt anyway, but for some reason as the afternoon progressed...he ONLY wanted Daddy. I think not seeing him very much throughout the week (because Matt works) kind of catches up with him, much like lack of sleep catches up with us.

He waves out the window for Daddy all day while Matt is at work and he calls "Dada!" as soon as he walks through the door (minus the times that RaaRaa is on). Of course if Daddy *dares* to ask for a kiss or cuddle, Ryan will promptly tell him, "No," but he still loves to be around his Dad.

Lucky for him, tomorrow is Mommy's he will have Daddy ALL to himself!!

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