Thursday, 4 August 2011

Y3 - 308/365: All in a Day's Work

Matt rang this afternoon to tell me there was a change in a previous plan to take his Dad to get his new car, near Oxford. Originally it was going to happen this Saturday and Ryan and I were going to go with him to make a day-trip out of it and find somewhere to visit on the way home. Instead, they were going tonight after Matt was off work, so dear hubby asked if I would try to keep Ryan up so he could see him before he was off to bed.

So, after CBeebies Bedtime Hour was over and he was no longer entertained by Humf, I opened up a window with KneeBouncers and let him go to town...waking the monkey and popping the bubbles. He loved it! Plus, it meant that if I had to leave the room I didn't have to worry about him opening random files on the PC...or getting into the pot of Sudocreme (again).

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