Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Y3 - 306/365: Photo Op!

Oh look, it's ANOTHER photo of Ryan! Yes, I know...I take LOADS of photos of my child. I've been teased a bit how I ALWAYS have a camera in my hand or I'm always taking a photo "for my blog" but in all honesty, I'm going to look back years from now and be SO happy that I have so many lovely memories captured on camera.

My mom LOATHED having her photo taken. To this day, many of the photos I have of her are with her hand up (probably mumbling "get that camera out of my face") or simply shielding herself. I'm quite particular on *how* I like my photo taken, in fairness. If I am tagged in what I deem to be a "hideous" photo of myself on Facebook, I'll untag myself (so, friends...please don't take offence). However, all in all, I like the idea that I will have things to show my child(ren) when he (or they) are older, and maybe grandchildren, even.

For now...it's things like this (above) that make me happy I was able to freeze-frame that moment in time. Ryan was so happy to see smiling people on the telly that he began to smile sweetly as well. A real, genuine, little man smile!

Then there are these moments. We're working on a special project right now. My Nan just had knee-replacement surgery yesterday and has to spend a bit of time in a residential home during her recovery so she has people that can help look after her and help her with physical therapy.

I thought it would be a nice idea if Ryan made her some colourful artwork so we've traced an outline of his body (so she can see how tall he is right now) and Ryan has added his own "Ryan-graffitti" to make it that extra bit special. He absolutely LOVES to "kuh-woh" at the moment, so this is a great outlet for him as well!

Of course what good is a camera without capturing milestones and achievements, right? This little slope down into the lower garden has been a real challenge for our young lad. Although he's never been put-off trying anything on his own, he used to only be able to navigate up and down this slope by holding someone's hand. Lately, however, he slowly calculates his steps up and down, stepping sideways if need be or lowering his centre of gravity, until he makes it to the top or bottom.

Today he blew me away when he was trotting up and down AND pulling along his musical shape-sorting car! Now I can just imagine the increase of gray hairs when he learns to do his first forward roll in the same location! Lord, help me! But hey...I'll have that camera ready when he does!

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