Sunday, 7 August 2011

Y3 - 311/365: A (Traumatic) Experience Shared!

Last Wednesday the Harry Jones Fun Fair rolled into town and set up down at Britannia Park. Since the park is practically our back garden, we decided this would be the perfect time to check out what was going on and see how Ryan took to it.

We invited Em, Daz & Amy to join us yesterday, but a bit of late-afternoon rain made us change plans and go today instead. So, bumblebee and ladybird (Amy) rucksack-reins in-check, off we went!

There wasn't much to this little fair...some bumper cars, a couple merry-go-rounds, a big inflatable slide and a few other smaller rides. We decided on one of the only toddler-friendly rides, which was the car track, as they seemed to be the only ones that had "seat belts." (And I'll get to that in a minute.)

The yellow car at the back was selected as both Amy and Ryan could sit together. There was a steering wheel on BOTH sides and Ryan went straight to work "steering" the stationary vehicle...using both his AND Amy's steering wheels.

Amy seemed quite tickled as well and Ryan even managed to get a little comfy. The main concern is that one of them would stand up...and if you look close enough to Ryan's "belt" you will see that his had to be tied as a piece was broken off. Still, he was secure and stimulated enough by his surroundings to bother messing with it.

Then the ride started!

I was certain Ryan was going to crap his pants simply by the petrified look on his face! He held onto his steering wheel for dear life for the entire 90 seconds of the ride! Amy, likewise, clutched Ryan's arm in a death-grip and I worried at one point that it may scare them both to tears -- so I was fully prepared as mama bear to run up the platform and rescue our tiny loves if need be.

So, did they enjoy the ride, you wonder? See for yourself...

As soon as the ride came to a stop I was up on the platform to snap a reaction-photo. Amy's eyes were closed, but judging from the smile on her face, she LOVED it!

Ryan enjoyed it as well as he exclaimed, "Yaaaaay," when I plucked him from the seat.

Both children then realised the ride was over and they were back on solid ground...and then came the sobs...

They wanted to go BACK and do it again!!

So, like any parent that wants to see a repeat of that same smile, we walked to the next child-friendly looking ride, the merry-go-round, but as soon as the woman who was operating heard their ages, the kids were given a no-go as she said the ride went too fast for them.

Boo, ride lady!

Instead, the daddies bought some candy floss for us and back home we all went!

So...not very "fun" for a first fun fair...but walking away having only spent a fiver isn't a lot to moan about, I suppose. Bring on Peppa Pig World!!!

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