Thursday, 11 August 2011

Y3 - 315/365: Day With Daddy

Since Matt is off this week for his birthday (yesterday) he agreed to take Ryan down in the morning today and tomorrow to give me a bit of a break, which was nice. I could hear the pair of them off and on this morning and Ryan was giggling and running all around. He loves his Daddy so much and loves the time he gets when Matt isn't working. In fact, when Ryan was awake from his nap, he asked to watch some Raa Raa and proceeded to climb onto Daddy to watch his programme. I love witnessing the bond they share.

It was a bit of a "lazy" day today so Ryan was dressed after eating his lunch of turkey & cheese sandwiches with baby carrots. Then he got to share in some of Daddy's birthday carrot cake that we made yesterday. He ate his piece in no time and was pure cheek from then on.

He did stop briefly to watch his Waybuloo...

...but before long was back to attempting things he shouldn't, such as climbing the entertainment centre or trying to get up to the computer. He always gets this look on his face when he *knows* what he is doing is not okay.

Little stinker.

In other news, things seemed to have quieted down in the West Midlands -- namely Birmingham. It rained last night and there was a candle light vigil in Winson Green where 3 men were killed in a hit-and-run. No news of any major disturbances. Then today a few minor things, but nothing again tonight.

In fact, tonight I was impressed as I was shown how Greater Manchester Police are dealing with the situation. They are publicly "naming and shaming" those involved in any of the incidents from Monday forward and that have also been processed through the court system already and convicted. One man got 10 weeks for swearing at an officer!

Some people are really upset by this saying it violates data protection, etc...blah, blah, blah...but in fairness, they're only releasing the same information that would be printed in a newspaper. The way I see it is that they were brazen enough to loot shops and set fires to cars and buildings and they didn't give a toss when they left people who have worked hard for their businesses with therefore, this is part of their punishment. They didn't seem to care about their faces being on CCTV and were even coward enough to attempt to cover them. Sorry then, this is the consequence. People need to understand that THEY are responsible for their actions and disrespect cannot and will not be tolerated at any level!

I just hope that West Midlands Police and other forces around the country follow suit and do the same!

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