Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Y3 - 313/365: Loss for Words

I was a little at a loss for photos as well as words since being up all night with my eyes glued to the news. It seems a peaceful protest in London over a man's death (shot by police) has turned into absolute bedlam across the country. The incidents that started in London have now spread to other places like Birmingham, which isn't far from us...maybe 7-8 miles.

People have been setting fire to cars and shops, throwing petrol bombs, and generally looting anywhere they can get in a broken shop window.

It's complete anarchy! They're challenging police and showing no respect for authority whatsoever!

There is word that it's supposed to continue tonight, so after a small trip to the grocery in Oldbury, we're in for the night. Gate locked...door locked...the works.

I'm ashamed of the behaviour of the young people involved in this mess in the country!

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