Friday, 12 August 2011

Y3 - 316/365: I Miss When You're Not There

I think Ryan was a bit bored and stir-crazy today. He had his morning of 100% Daddy-time, then his usual 2-hour nap, and then Mommy collected him from his nap.

I love when he's gone a long stretch of time where he hasn't seen me and that first reaction he has where he does a long, drawn-out gasp before sighing, "Ma-maaa," and holds his arms out for a cuddle. He even leaned in for kisses without me having to beg! I thought I'd won the lottery!

While I dressed him upstairs, Matt prepared his lunch and had it ready in the front room. I sat him in his Bumbo and rolled up his sleeves before he tucked right in to his PB&J. He had another thin slice of carrot cake to follow and devoured it much like that of a hoover...finishing by licking bits of icing from his fingers.

We had wanted to go visit the park today at Haden Hill but the rain kept us indoors and I think this led to Ryan's cabin fever. He was ready to climb the walls, I think.

After dinner, Matt popped down to Daz's leaving Ryan and I to do bedtime on our own.

Everything went as normal with bath, lotion and bottle, but when I put Ryan in his cot and left the room he was immediately up and crying. This hasn't happened in a long time for him so I went back in and asked if he wanted more cuddles. He said "yes," and stood up with Baa. We had about 3 minutes of cuddling and rocking and then I tucked him back in and told him Mommy would stay until he was asleep.

I covered him again, tucked him in and then rubbed his back for about five minutes before listening carefully to his breathing, which became more shallow and changed into a bit of a snore. Again, on my tip-toes I very quietly left the room but as soon as the door shut he was wide awake again and this time screaming for Daddy.

I could see this was going to happen over and over so I went in, scooped him up, and brought him into our bed. I rested him on Daddy's pillow while he clutched tightly to Baa and Safari and we snuggled under the duvet. He didn't try to leave nor did he think it was play time, but his little eyes were fighting their need to close so he could sleep.

Forty minutes later, between long "blinks" myself, I could hear him snoring heavily, my arm still around his waist, and his grip had released on his plushies. I carefully carried him back into his room and tucked him in his cot. This time he was spark out and I escaped successfully.

I rang Matt to let him know and explained how I suspected it might have been a bit of separation anxiety from having all of this sudden extra Daddy-time and all of a sudden Daddy wasn't there for bedtime. Who knows though.

Roll on, weekend!

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