Thursday, 4 February 2010

Year 2 Day 127: Ryan's Rules

Ryan's rules are that Mommy and Daddy don't eat in peace and quiet unless he is getting a bit of attention as well. He was well-occupied watching Baby First while I got tea dished up, but not for long. He managed to get himself on Daddy's lap by the time I finished preparing my plate.

Look at his sad little face.

So mistreated, right?

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Knithappens said...

aww it gets easier as they get older , i think the 1st 4 months with each of mine, i hardly eat just walk by snacking,even this time it has been a constant round of cuddling and breastfeeding, and we co sleep so not so bad at night, I am like you, if nubba needs cuddlign then i cuddle regardless. HE is one very oved baby ( i love his face int his pick, like he s beign neglected yeah right lol - some of the faces lillia pulled you would think she never got a cuddle)