Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Year 2 Day 125: Mommy View

We did our first proper grocery haul in Asda tonight with Ryan in tow. They have shopping trollies specifically designed to accommodate an infant carseat so we decided to give one a spin. Unfortunately, I found a few "minor" yet irritating flaws.

First of all, the trollies in general have all four wheels rotating. This means that instead of fixed wheels in the back (like in the States), you have to maneuver the trolley through aisles using all your upper body strength to keep it going in a straight line. Not fun.

Secondly, what you see in this photo is my ACTUAL view. Yes, that's right...my gorgeous son and not much past him. Have I mentioned I'm only FIVE FEET TALL?! Matt had to walk in front and pull the trolley behind him so I wouldn't run over pensioners and small children.

But I digress. We made it out safely, no one was harmed, and now I'm home waiting for Matt, who popped out to pick up a parcel that my Nan had sent for Ryan. More to come about that tomorrow...

Almost forgot...baby clinic visit today. Ryan is now 10 lbs 13 oz (12 ounces up from last week)...I can't believe it. I hope he slows down a bit or he'll pass being able to fit into his 3-6 month clothes!


Knithappens said...

haha those trollies give you a great upper body workout, i am just under 5 feet tall so could never see a damn thing, i just ran over people anyway and apologised later lol

Christine said...

I **HATE** the UK shopping carts!! I curse about them every time we go to the shop. EVERY TIME! They suck.