Friday, 5 February 2010

Year 2 Day 128: Give Me a Break!

Oh yea! Looky, looky what came for me this Moby Wrap!! If there is any question over whether or not my little roo likes Kangaroo care, then here's your proof. He was asleep within five minutes of being placed inside this afternoon. The best part is I now have my hands free and can get things done at home without having to worry about him getting upset that no one is readily available to cuddle him.

This afternoon I took him in his pushchair to the park so I could swing on the swings (and use the baby as a valid excuse to do so). We got there and wouldn't you know...the swings were already occupied. I didn't think it would be fair to shoo a couple of kids out of them so I could have a go, so I just sat on a bench and got Ryan strapped up in the Moby while we waited for our turn.

It never came. The girls just sat there chattering to one another and at one point I could hear them gushing about how much THEY wanted a little baby. It would have been cuter coming from them had they not been about 12 or 13-years-old. Wow girls, yeah...way to reach for the top in life...wanting kids before you're even grown.

As I sat on the bench holding Ryan in the wrap and judging the two twits on the swings, a small group of similarly aged boys comes into the playground area. I didn't make eye-contact but I could hear a noise that sounded like someone shaking a canister of spray-paint. When I looked up it turned out to be a marker and the boy who had it began defacing the playground equipment. Unfortunately my camera photos were too blurry & dimly lit to catch photographic evidence of these clever ASBOs, but I wished I had the number to the police to tip them off. Stupid punks.

I swear, I feel so old now that I've noticed I'm getting irritated by pesky teenagers.


Valerie said...

Wow, brazen teenagers. They did that right in front of you?

Knithappens said...

the moby looks great, i highly recommentd the tummy2tummy dvd, it shows you every which way to carry baby in a wrap, pouch, sling etc, a real eye opener. Lillia loves hers, now she can go in a forward carry, but swipes everything in the supermarket lol