Monday, 22 February 2010

Year 2 Day 145: All Wrapped Up

I've been able to get a lot more accomplished around the house now that I have the Moby wrap. For instance, I managed to peel and cut carrots and potatoes for tonights' tea before Matt got home and do some laundry...and all of this was done with a smiley or sleeping baby attached to me.

I've been You Tubing my way to baby-wearing contentment by checking out all the different holds and positions in which to carry mini-Matt. One of the favourites of the day was the "burp" carry where Ryan's head can rest on my shoulder and my hands are free.

The only thing I'm still finding a bit challenging, however, is discovering a hold/carry where I can feed him...without suffocating him with my mommy-milk holders. Without the wrap, I have settled for the 'Heisman' position where he lies next to me and somewhat on his side on a stack of pillows...he has the luxury of breathing there.

Still, I'm more than pleased with my Moby thus far because at the end of the day, a contented Ryan makes for a contented Mommy.

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Jet said...

Hey there, congrats on the baby - very cute :)

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