Saturday, 6 February 2010

Year 2 Day 129: Smiles for Daddy

Ryan is an equal opportunity smiler so Daddy gets his share as well. We've only gotten a couple a day since he started and we're starting to feel like we're acting like big dorks to get them. It's amazing what a baby will lead you to do when you are aiming to get feedback from them in the form of smiles and coos.

Something else to smile about are Ryan's new wrist toys from The Early Learning Centre store. He has been very aware of his elephant rattle from his play mat and is really good at turning his head to the sound. I wanted to encourage him to move his arms and legs when he's lying down, but also distract him from crying so I purchased this set. The lamb squeeks and the bee we'll see how they do.

1 comment:

Knithappens said...

thise wrist toys are great Lillia loved hers until big bro tied them to every avaiable space she had, she got so confused lol