Friday, 17 February 2012

Y4 - 140/365: Helping Some More...

I'll be sad when the day comes that helping out is something he no longer enjoys. As this was one of our final Mommy-Ryan mornings before I go back to work next Tuesday, we made good use of our time to start with a game of 'Hide & Seek.' In Ryan's version, the counting is shortened to only numbers he prefers to count at the time before he shouts, "Ready not, here come!" Then he mimics what I do when I "seek" for him...questioning aloud if Mama is behind the door or the gate and answering "no" to himself as well.

He's quite a funny little character.

After breakfast, we discovered Myst's food dish was we filled it.

He then had a nice wind-down period where he played with the gold "Pway-poh."

At tea-time it was back to hard grafting with helping Mommy with the mashed potato for our cheesy potato pie.

Then a bit of sweeping the kitchen floor while the laundry went.

While things were in the oven, however, Matt tagged in for some Ryan-Daddy time since he was forced to miss him all day long at work. We're both looking forward to a nice weekend, just the three of us!

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