Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Y4 - 124/365: Stay & Play

Not long ago a new "Stay & Play" session started at a local church on Wednesday mornings during term time. This place is not far from the other end of the park so less than a mile to walk and certainly much closer to us than our Sure Start Centre, so we decided to give it a go today and see what it was about.

There wasn't loads in terms of dramatic play, but I'd say just enough for the amount of children who were there. Also, nearly all the children were mobile so there wasn't really a worry that Ryan would run and trip over someone tiny.

It was sweet because when we first arrived and signed in, I told Ryan to go ahead and play while I filled out the paperwork, but instead, he hesitantly ventured towards the cars and stayed back waiting for me to join him. He really had fun, but any time I was out of his direct line of vision, he would stop playing and immediately stop and look around for me.

Still, he made his rounds to all the toys and played with loads. He especially enjoyed the musical instruments as well as the kitchen area, where he made me a cake and proceeded to lick all the plastic food despite my attempts in showing him how to take "pretend" bites.

I think we will definitely go back again on the Wednesdays when I am not working. It's also nice because they get a bit of fruit as a snack as well as a drink and it's all free, so not even £1. Well-worth it, in my opinion.

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