Saturday, 4 February 2012

Y4 - 127/365: Jitterbugs...SnOMG!

After hearing the place mentioned several times since we have lived here, Matt and I decided to take Ryan to Jitterbugs on this dreary Saturday.

It only cost £3 for him to enter and we headed straight for the 'Under 3s' area. Granted, we were hoping that this meant only children under the age of 3 were admitted, but like most public play areas, it was only supervised by parents who gave a hoot about watching their child over their Kindle or mobile.

Ryan had a blast, of course, going up and down the slide, climbing in and out of the tunnel and playhouses, but Matt and I were just as knackered as him by the time we left because of chasing him around and keeping the bigger kids...7, 8 and 9-year-olds...from trampling him.

Something one should not have to worry about for an 'Under 3s' area.

We were shocked to even find one mother (or grandmother, cannot be certain) feeding her child a jarred meal right in the middle of the mats on the gated play-area! To us, common sense would say it's probably not the wisest choice for mealtime as kids were running all over. But also because they were literally right in the middle of a busy area and Matt and I felt we had to be more careful of her and not allow our own child to run into or inconvenience her.

Do people not think?!

Ryan was not happy to leave, but we could see it was time to go because he was getting cranky and it was definitely time for a nap. Once we were outside, there was a nice blanket of snow on the floor -- the first proper one of the year, in fact! If it weren't so stinking cold, however, I'd bring him out in it to build his first snowman.

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jamiem627 said...

creThose places are much better during the week as they are not nearly as busy. we have a good one here that we go to most Sunday's if the weather is bad;) play on ryan!