Thursday, 9 February 2012

Y4 - 132/365: Ryan The Stomper

Ryan returned home from his Nana & Grandad's today with a snazzy pair of green wellies -- his first pair!! He immediately ran to the bookshelf and grabbed one of his library books about a duck called Ollie who is given a red and a blue boot from his friends, Gossie & Gertie, and he proceeds to stomp all over in his new boots. Ryan immediately made the connection as he pointed to their boots and then his own "gree well boots," as he calls them.

He even had a go later at putting them on himself, and for the first time, succeeded! I think he found these much easier than his trainers as he slipped in his toes and then stood up to squish his heel down inside.

In other luck on the search for my pens. There were about 8 children absent today and despite promising that I wouldn't be upset and just wanted them returned, they never turned up by the end of the day. I still made sure to let the school know and I left a note for the classroom teacher. I doubt I will see them again, to be honest, which is unfortunate because they weren't cheap...somewhere in the neighbourhood of £7 for the pack.

Sadly, in all the time I have been supply teaching here in this country, since 2008, this is the first time I have ever had anything stolen.

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