Friday, 3 February 2012

Y4 - 126/365: Take a Little Time

I've had two days of work through my newest agency and it was only 8 minutes on the train and a 30 minute walk to reach the school. The agency owner's mother is actually the Headteacher so no pressure to perform well or anything on this assignment.

It went alright for the most part and one of the girls brought me in a treat on my second day (the one for her classroom teacher is in the brown envelope I left behind).

I do my best before leaving to leave out any work that I have marked and some handover notes as well that point out bits about how the day went. It can be a bit tedious, if I'm being honest, but it is part of the job description as a supply teacher.

Either way, I'll never complain about having a bit of work.

Back at home and after dinner tonight we got out the Play-Doh and I discovered that Ryan is pretty indecisive when picking out his colours. He kept saying, "hmmm," and putting a finger to his lips.

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