Saturday, 11 February 2012

Y4 - 134/365: IKEA

After a morning visit to see a little bungalow in Kinver, we extended our day out to include a trip to IKEA.

This will technically make Ryan's second visit to IKEA, although the first was in utero while he was still looking a bit like a little alien to us. We were on a mission today to purchase a table and chair for him to have more room for his colouring and things and we had one style in mind. The Mammut series has this funky, Dr. Seuss-like look to it and I have wanted to have the furniture for Ryan since before he was born.

Ryan and Daddy found a bit of time to try out the wooden train track while we were there. Perhaps something to put on the list for the next visit?

And of course everyone knows you can't leave IKEA without having a hotdog -- in Ryan's case, his very first one ever!

There were a few other items that made their way into our shopping trolley, but they will only help keep the front room a bit more tidy with all the bits and pieces Ryan now has to his toys. One of his pop-up hampers now houses Mr. Potato Head and his 40 parts, another all of Ryan's cars, and the third conveniently holds many Happyland characters and animals.

How handy is that?!

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