Thursday, 16 February 2012

Y4 - 139/365: Best Helper Ever

I've discovered a helpful trick that allows me to fold laundry without Captain Destructor getting into everything and messing up the bits I've just folded. I just make a pile of all of our socks and have him sort them into piles of "Dada's socks," "Mama's socks" and "Ryan's socks."

It worked long enough to allow me time to finish folding and get everything quickly out of his reach.

The weather was a bit warmer this afternoon so we took a little venture into the garden. Unfortunately the newest neighbours have a couple of dogs that, while very lovely animals, have torn up the garden a bit. It's now quite muddy in bits and it isn't a surprise to find chewed chunks of sticks everywhere as well as the occasional bit of dog mess...that the neighbour has tried to blame on foxes.

It wasn't any bother to Ryan today, however, as he was taking it all in and telling me all about what he was some lonely white flowers or the big green bush.

He even helped me when I needed to trim the dead heads off the Hydrangea bush. I can't wait until the blooms all start to come in this spring. It's something I think I will miss the most when we are no longer here at the cottage.

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Kay said...

Hi, just found your blog listed on a group on facebook we both must belong to. I live in the West Midlands too, so it's nice to know there's another American around here :) Love your blog, and the fact that you documented everyday since you've moved here with a picture post I think that's a good idea.