Friday, 30 September 2011

Y3 - 365/365: Put a Lid On It

A lid on Year 3 of my 365 photo-blog, that is. I have decided...for continue on, although I'm anxious for a new look and willing to take suggestions for background, content, etc.

Speaking of lids...(or did I just use that creatively?)...Ryan is really enjoying colouring so I am starting to trust him a little more with felt-tips. Especially now that I see he is keen to put the cap back on them himself when he is finished.

The state of his vest, however....erm, let's just hope Vanish does its job!

It was sweet when Matt returned home from work because Ryan led him by the hand over to see his artwork and proceeded to place a marker in his hand to add to the masterpiece! This was short-lived when each time Matt would add a bit, Ryan would then colour over it with his own marker, thus improving whatever Matt was drawing.

Our little guy has grown SO much and so much has changed in the past 12 months! This time last year he had little to no HAIR, much less any curls. He wasn't even properly walking yet AND he had only JUST moved into his own room from ours! He was falling asleep in his Jumperoo and still on Mommy's chest most of the time.

Now he's running full pelt in the garden ON HIS OWN, has nearly mastered steps, and gives a tight squeeze when asked for a cuddle. He even rejects cuddles and kisses on his terms with a firm "no," pets the kitty gently saying "aww" and points at everything asking, "What's that," as if it's the most interesting and amazing thing ever!

All of these things are reasons I decided it was important for me to carry on...not to mention it keeps family and friends in the States and other parts of the world updated on how we're all doing.

Some day Ryan will have a virtual living journal of sorts, chronicling his life with his crazy Mommy & Daddy and I feel the more I can add to it, the better.

Until tomorrow...bring it, year four.

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