Saturday, 3 September 2011

Y3 - 338/365: Hambone...and The Poo

Meet our hambone...

...and his poo?

From time to time as a parent, if you use disposable nappies, there is a chance you will come across a case of nappy rash. For Ryan it was as simple as him not showing his usual signs and we didn't smell anything to indicate he would need to be changed. So when we discovered his painful rash last night before his bath, we tried to give him as many opportunities as possible without a nappy to "air things out" down below.

After he had gone up to bed tonight, I noticed Matt over by the bay window sniffing around and swearing he could smell something. Then he says, "Oh my, hon...I think he's done a poo in his castle!"

Immediately I grabbed my camera because I couldn't believe this and while I was snapping photos, Matt grabbed some wipes and a nappy sack to clean up the mess.

After examining the pictures from the viewfinder I questioned if it "really was poo" and Matt insisted it was...until he opened the wipe that was meant to be containing the excrement, only to reveal one of Ryan's Thomas the Tank Engine magnets.

Guess not then.

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