Friday, 9 September 2011

Y3 - 344/365: Missing You

All day long he called for Daddy. You wouldn't think this was the same boy who was refusing his Daddy kisses and cuddles when he did return home. Still, whilst Daddy was away...that was all he wanted.

Last night's sleep in his big-boy style bed wasn't as great as the first. He woke once before Matt and I came upstairs. Matt heard the cry for "mama" in the hallway so we both ran to attend to him. We gently walked our staggering, sweaty toddler back into his room where he climbed straight back into his bed and assumed his sleeping position -- bum in the air and cuddled his "Baa" close. I asked if he wanted Mommy to stay and he replied with the sweetest "yeah" so Matt gave his little lad a kiss and excused himself from the room. As soon as I put an arm around him and lay my head next to his on the mattress he closed his eyes and drifted right off.

I thought that may have been it for the night, but boy was I wrong because he came to our room around twenty to five. I invited him to snuggle with Mommy and Daddy and he was asleep after about 40 minutes, so I carried him back to his bed sometime around half-five. Just over an hour later he repeated his last entrance, only this time with more enthusiasm, which told me he was ready to be up for the day.

By the time Matt came downstairs to leave for work, we had been up over an hour and Ryan was full-tilt, awake. Meanwhile, I was dragging and trying my best to catch a few more winks on the sofa, but no more than that because I kept opening my eyes to a big ole Ryan-face in mine!

I hope we have better luck tonight.

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