Saturday, 24 September 2011

Y3 - 359/365: Cousin-Chatter

Ryan: You mind if I sit up here? You get a better view of the telly from this spot on the settee, I think. I wonder what's on next anyway...

Amy: Yeah, whatever. (thinks) Geez, I hope he doesn't yap all the way through my programmes.

Ryan: Oh hey, look! There's Peppa Pig! I love her. She's really talented...and she has a Mommy and a Daddy! I have a Mommy and a Daddy. I don't have a brother, George, though. But I have a cat! You have TWO cats. They run from me a lot....

Amy: (thinks) Here we go...

Ryan: ...and so I told Daddy "It doesn't go in, let me show you," and I showed him and then...

Amy: (thinks) Does he do it just to hear the sound of his own voice?!

Ryan: I have anything up my nose?

Amy: (thinks) Maybe if I stop making eye contact? It works with Velociraptors.

 Ryan: Fine then...I guess you don't want to talk.

Amy: (thinks) Finally.

Please Note: The conversation was not the actual one that took place...obviously. In fact, it was mostly Ryan saying "what's that," over and over again and pointing at the telly. But the look on dear Amy's face inspired me.

Bless. They do love each other.

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