Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Y3 - 342/365: Spider Ry

This was how I left Ryan for his nap this afternoon...and this is where I expected to find him. In his cot. However, when I heard his voice loud and clear from the stairwell, I soon realised this was not the case.

There he stood, whimpering "mama" with rug burn on his forehead at the top stair gate. I scooped him up and went straight to the bedroom to confirm I had accidentally left the side down on the cot. Imagine my surprise to see it was still up when we got back to his room, which meant, he has successfully climbed out of his cot for the very first time!

Looks like the drop side is coming off tonight then.

You can kind of see the rug burn on his forehead in this photo. He seems to now be showing more concentration/interest in jigsaw puzzles and managed to get the 'o' and 'q' in all on his own!

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