Saturday, 10 September 2011

Y3 - 345/365: "Hurry! Our Show Is On!!"

Almost every night and randomly at other times a short, clay-animated programme comes on Nick Jr. called Watermill Farm. It's only a minute or two long and filled with clay-animated farm animals with cheeky facial expressions. It's usually the pigs, chickens, cows and sheep up to something silly and Ryan thinks it's an absolute hoot! What is even better is that when he hears the intro music, he immediately runs around the room in search of Daddy, shouting his name and squeaking and jumping until Matt comes in and allows Ryan to sit upon his lap.

My blond boys sit in a complete trance watching the antics of the animals and then, when it's over, Ryan jumps up and down, clapping his hands, and cheering, "yaaaaaay!"

I'm just lucky that he allows me to fill in when Daddy isn't home.

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