Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Y3 - 188/365: Wild Ride

Today started out crazy from the start. We all were up and out the door a bit later than intended as I unknowingly slept through my alarm, then I missed the second train I was going to catch into Birmingham and had to wait for another, the one in between was canceled so by the time I got to Snow Hill Rail Station it was already 8am! I was still due to walk from Snow Hill Station to New Street Station to catch a train to the Five Ways Station, but while trying to find my platform at New Street I decided to just walk to the school from there as it was only 2 extra tenths of a mile anyway and not worth waiting for a train.

I start out my trek, walking away from the Bullring and past the Cathedral...past Louis Vuitton and thinking that if I actually ENJOYED shopping and fashion I might be salivating just at that moment. I rang my agency to let them know I was running behind so they could notify the school and then JUST as I crossed a main road and began to enter the school gates 20 minutes later, my phone rang. It was my agency to tell me there was a mistake and I was due to work there TOMORROW and not today. I knew this wasn't my mistake because when I received the call for work last week, I remember being told Wednesday because I knew Ryan would be at the Childminder's on that day and I also rang Matt right away to tell him.

I was frustrated beyond belief that in a rush all morning I had come all this way for nothing, but also realised there was no way to fix it now so began my long walk back to the train stations. I made it all the way to New Street Station when my phone rang AGAIN asking if I'd be willing to accept a day's work in a nursery class in Kings Heath. Moments later I was given a lift to the school where I was warmly welcomed and thanked for getting there so quickly on such short notice -- little did they know the morning I just had, HA!

The day with the nursery children went well and at the end I had to walk to Yardley Wood Railway Station and purchase a ticket to Snow Hill Station just so my route would be covered and paid for along with my already purchased return fare from Snow Hill. Because this train was on my train line to Rowley Regis, thankfully I didn't even have to get off and was able to take it all the way home. Trains are fun like that.

Once I got home I was finally able to relax a bit and play with my little guy. How fitting that he got a wild horsey ride from Daddy that was a bit fitting for how the day went.

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