Friday, 8 April 2011

Y3 - 190/365: Hooray for Friday

We love Fridays in this house. Even more than just a simple Friday, but it's also the end of the term which means two full weeks of holiday -- or in our case, sitting at home NOT going anywhere. I'm okay with that though. Plus, it's two weeks where we don't have to pay the childminder a retainer to keep Ryan's spot, so saving some money as well.

We found out recently that there is an Asda not far from here that is even open 24 hours. It's the Asda at Oldbury just over a mile up the road and around the corner so we popped round tonight to check it out and get something for tea. It's also where I happened to spot some cute little sandals for Ryan for only three quid. They have little fish on the soles and sharks on the front strap and Ryan keeps looking down when he walks and pointing at the sharks.

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