Sunday, 3 April 2011

Y3 - 185/365: While You Were Out

Happy Mother's Day to all the UK Mommies out there!! Don't ask me why this country celebrates it on a different day than America...or why America, even, celebrates it on a different day than the UK (since Father's Day is the same day in each one), but let us all rejoice in the pleasantries this day the form of lie-ins and chocolates!


After dinner at Em & Daz's, Em and I decided to use my new Mecca Bingo "new member" voucher for a free session tonight where all mothers would guessed it...a box of chocolates!! This put my Thornton's counter on overload as this made my second box.

Meanwhile, as Emma and I were slaving away with our multi-coloured dabbers, Matt headed home with Ryan to get him into PJ's and to bed without a mommy-night-cap. The plan was a bit of porridge, 9 ounces of moo-juice, and then off to bed.

What REALLY happened??

Well, upon my return home I was shown a series of three pictures and asked, "Where did you leave the box of chocolates when we left today?" I explained how I left them on top of the fire guard but more forward thinking would have told me not to as husbands have a knack for unintentionally missing items that might otherwise need to be moved further out of reach of little hands.

Matt told me how he didn't even notice the box there and neither did Ryan, until he popped out of the room to get his bottle. When he returned he saw Ryan sat in the middle of the floor with the entire box in front of him, lid off...

He told me how he had one chocolate in his hand and was nomming on it before seeing Matt enter the room, where he quickly tried to put it back in the box as if he hadn't even touched if the evidence around his mouth wasn't proof enough?!

Rather than keep it off him, Matt handed the chocolate, a Turkish Delight, back to Ryan to finish -- his very own little Mommy's Day treat. I didn't mind and actually found the photographic evidence pretty cute and funny, bless him.

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