Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Y3 - 194/365: Unexpected

Ryan had a bit of a rough time last night. A couple hours after I put him to bed, I heard a sound coming from upstairs that sounded like the cat with a hairball, for lack of better description. When I heard it later in the night when I was in bed, knowing the cat was definitely downstairs, I realised it was his cough...poor little mite. So Daddy came home from work today with a fresh bottle of Tixylix.

He's had regular doses of the remaining bottle of Meltus so things have been under control today, but it hasn't kept him from being a bit clingy. He's also been quite feverish, so he's back on the Calpol/Calprofen wagon.

Once Matt got home, we headed back out to check out some cars. Matt had the Corsa in for the MOT on Monday and it failed. A lot of expensive welding is needed and we can't afford the costs to repair it so we're going to see about getting financed or buying a cheapie used car.

Thankfully we're able to use Matt's Mom's car temporarilly, but we're very anxious to get something of our own soon. If only Matt and I could agree on what "we" want. HA!

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