Monday, 4 April 2011

Y3 - 186/365: The Reprieve

Little man isn't feeling too hot tonight. He was fine when Matt returned home from work, but within the hour seemed to be really clingy towards me and didn't want to play. I noticed then that his cheeks were bright red, which prompted me to take his temp. Just as expected...a low-grade fever, so we dosed him with some Calpol and got his tea ready first so he could get a bath and to bed soon after.

When Daddy brought in the bowl of scrambled eggs and plate of toast soldiers, we worried he may turn it away. Then again, this is Ryan we're talking about and it seems no poorly-ness is going to make him turn down scrambled egg and toast! So sad face and all...he devoured every last bite!

Once up in his bath I noticed his seahorse was squirting out little bits of grimy gunk when filled with water. Since Ryan likes to suck on this toy in the bath, Matt and I thought it would be best to quarantine Mr. Seahorse until he could be rinsed thoroughly inside with some anti-bacterial wash. Our initial response was to simply throw him out, but Ryan does like this toy a I suppose he won't be going down the bath toy green mile.

Lucky sea 'oss.

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