Monday, 31 August 2009

Day 335 of 365: Paradise!

Yet, I managed to walk out empty-handed.

I convinced Matt to take a little gander 12.4 miles away in Wolverhampton to this little mecca of crafts. I did well to not linger too long in any one aisle and funny enough dear hubby actually found a section of interest to him -- the model planes and fantasy game pieces. Bless.

It reminded me a lot of Michaels in the US, only super expensive. They wanted £25 for some of the simplest cross-stitch patterns and I STILL have yet to locate any flipping rubber cement in this entire country. To be fair, my search has been limited to the West Midlands, so that's not the ENTIRE country, but still. I think I may have to have it shipped in specially.

Anyone interested in starting a fund via pay-pal..."Sponsor an Expat Scrapbooker" fund?


Helen said...

Scroll down until you see the green tube. Voila! Rubber cement!

Meg said...

It's in a TUBE?! Seriously?! How do I 'paint' it on??