Friday, 7 August 2009

Day 311 of 365: Smell Good Stuff

My cousin, Ashley (aka "Sassy"), sent me a fantastic assortment of Bath & Body Works lotions. It's actually my first proper parcel from the US since I have lived here and I was so excited on my 2 mile walk to the Royal Mail sorting office in Brierley Hill to pick it up!

Her note reads:

Hey Lady,
I hope you
enjoy these
smelly good
lotions! I
also included
...boys have
Love you,

These should all last me a while and keep me smelling yummy! Thanks, Ashley!!


UK Christine =^..^= said...

I miss The Bath and Body Shop!

The Body Shop does not compare..

Meg said...

I haven't been in the Body Shop, but I didn't think they would. These items were on special request when I caught her at the mall one day, hehe.

Erin said...

I miss Bath and Body Works too!

Although I am rather partial to lip gloss from Body Shop. . .

Shes not from Yorkshire said...

Oh lala you are a lucky gal!!
I just posted 13 things to love about America and guess what topped the list ? BATH AND BODY WORKS!!