Monday, 10 August 2009

Day 314 of 365: Happy Birthday, Matt!

Matt turned 35 today and I still don't think he looks like he's out of his twenties. So many hats, hubby, son. Just think, next year he will have another that says 'Happy Birthday, Daddy!' as well.

He has the week booked off work, so I get him all to myself...kinda. We've been tossing some thoughts around about places we can go to celebrate a bit. Initially we thought camping a few nights at The Lake District would be ideal, however, that might not be best until after our little thumper is here. The amount of times I need to get up in the middle of the night anymore and the aches in my lower back would not make for fun camping. We'd still like to take a couple short, inexpensive day-trips if we can. Good thing I have a camera now willing and able to take pictures.

Anyway, here's to you, Love! Happy Birthday!!


Mrs Barker said...

Hope you and your hubby have a wonderful time celebrating his birthday! If you don't feel like camping, for a little bit of a splurge try the Angel Inn at Bowness on Windermere

My husband and I stayed for a couple nights for an early Valentine's break one year and it was wonderful! Little bit pricey, but most Lake District places are unfortunately :/

Meg said...

Thanks for the suggestion! We'll definitely keep it in mind for when we can afford it. x