Sunday, 30 August 2009

Day 334 of 365: From Across the Pond

I was reading this article in a UK pregnancy magazine and saw a mention of a study from The Ohio State University (highlighted). Although it's not my own Alma Mater, it's still from my town. Might even make me tear up a bit.

Well...okay, maybe I won't go that far.

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Christina said...

I've been meaning to comment for awhile but am not sure I've got around to it... (see also: intention to have my own blog).

Anywho, I am a similar age, from a similar location (go Bucks!), living nearbyish (more Touchwood than Merry Hill), and in a similar situation (one year anniversary is around the corner as is... a new addition (although not quite as around the corner!))

Above wanting to say "hello" and wonder if my craving for a good burger and cheese fries (mmm... and buffalo wings... maybe some Chipotle... and Panera! I need me some sourdough bread bowl goodness!) is weird and overly junk-foody even for a transplanted American-who-is-a-maniacal-organic-UK-shopper, I wanted to pick your brain about the last nine months of your life and maybe get some info on all the decisions I'm about to be making! :)

Enough overly-personal comment blathering (for now)! :)