Saturday, 1 August 2009

Day 305 of 365: Sleepy Sweep

Again, nothing to report for the day and we spent the evening at Em & Daz's ooh-ing and ahh-ing over our adorable new niece. I think Sweep was aiming to be recognised as well, so I had to give him some camera-time. This is from when he and I decided to stretch out on the comfy, furry rug.

*ETA: Today marks my 1 year anniversary of living in the UK!!


UK Christine =^..^= said...

Aaawwwwwwwww..... What is behind the name sweep?

Meg said...

Emma had another cat, Soot, the same time she had Sweep -- they were brothers. She named them off characters (who I believe were puppets) on a TV programme here called The Sootie and Sweep Show, or something like that. Soot was named that for being jet black. Matt says you can probably find some old ones on YouTube.

Helen said...

Gorgeous photo!