Sunday, 27 May 2012

Y4 - 240/365: Get Your Party On

Ryan was invited to Chilly Kiddy's in Stourbridge today for the 4th birthday of his cousin Amy's cousin. He was so happy when he saw that Amy had arrived and joined him in the ball pit!

We had never been to Chilly Kiddy's before so the beautiful birthday girl took it upon herself to give Ryan a guided tour and she and Ryan wandered off, hand-in-hand.

Still, he kept coming back to the ball pits as I think they were his favourite.

After lots of playing around it was time for everyone to take their seats -- the birthday girl on her throne -- and enjoy some munchies & cakes.

Just look at this scrummy buffet!! Ryan ate some sandwiches, smileys and most importantly...

...some cake, with blue icing!!

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