Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Y4 - 221/365: Talk About Crazy!

First things first...while waiting for the bus around the corner from the school this afternoon I was approached by an elderly looking man wearing a green turban. I was finishing a phone call to Matt to tell him when my train would be in and my bookbag and umbrella were propped against the bus shelter. The man spoke with very broken English but I understood he was asking the time for the next bus. I smiled and explained it was due any minute so he thanked me and walked a bit down the pavement. I proceeded to check my e-mail and whatnot on my phone and then I noticed the man was returning. He got quite close and mumbled something a bit incoherant to me, so I assured him the bus was due to come and that's when I first noticed him pointing toward an oncoming bus as well as his hand felt awfully close to my rear!!

I quickly backed away and grabbed my bag. He then reached out and grabbed my umbrella and handed it to me, grinning all the while telling me I was "very, very nice." He tried to get closer again but I stepped up to the kerb and boarded the bus as soon as the doors opened. I tried giving the driver a look and gesturing to the man behind me so he may get the hint that I was maybe being followed and uncomfortable. In fact, in my hurry to get away, I forgot to grab my ticket that came out of the dispenser.

The man followed me on the bus, but stayed up near the driver while I took my seat. Then at the very next stop, just a block down the road, the man got off!! I quickly grabbed my phone, pressed the camera button and tried to snap a photo of him before he walked away too quickly but it barely got him in the frame before the sticker on the window blocked the view.

Does this crazy geezer just do this all day?! So creepy!! I've never had anything like that happen before and while I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt to start...thinking he just had poor hearing and that was why he was so close...I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life!! I didn't even know what to say, whereas now I can think of a lot.

Back in the safety of my home...I watched Ryan do some more of his own colour sorting. James is in the red box, Thomas in the blue, and Percy in the green. So proud of my clever little bug!

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