Saturday, 19 May 2012

Y4 - 232/365: Got It On eBay

It seems Matt and I aren't the only ones getting a new bed. This week I won a bid on eBay for this Little Tikes Thomas the Tank bed for about a quarter of what they cost brand new and today we brought it home. Ryan was just ecstatic to put it together upstairs! In fact, once we had the bits all cleaned and placed the front bit on, Ryan took to greeting him, "Hi, Thomas! Hieeeee! I wike you, Thomas!"

We actually learned this bed alone is about 20 years old as the former "owner" is now an adult and everything has just been in storage all the while, but to be fair it is still in good knack. Little Tikes makes good stuff!

Ryan's favourite bit is the track that goes down each side for an actual Thomas train to slide down. He tested that bit out right away with a small Thomas that the seller threw in as well.

Now we just need to get some Thomas sheets to go along with it! Still, I think it's safe to say the bed was a huge hit and the proof is in a comfortably sleeping with a bit more room.

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