Friday, 18 May 2012

Y4 - 231/365: Back From Narnia?

We were on a mission today to find a new bed and/or mattress as Matt has recently been officially signed off work. He had an MRI scan not long ago that revealed that this pain he has been having the past 9 months is due to two slipped discs and a trapped nerve. The doctor has prescribed pain medication for Matt to take -- I believe it's Co-codamol and Naprosen -- however, Matt is very careful with his medicines as he doesn't want to develop any dependency (although, if taken for proper pain, co-codamol is not addictive, despite warnings).

The bed we have been sleeping on is well over 10 years old and while it's nice and squishy, that's the last quality you want in a bed where the person has a bad back.

We first visited Furniture Warehouse, not far from us, but soon walked right back out when we saw their limited selection and learned they didn't do anything on credit. I suggested that we check out Dreams, a big bedding/furniture chain here in the UK, and although Matt was concerned the prices would be outrageous, we knew their selection would give us a better idea of what we were looking for.

Not only did Dreams have a much better selection, but they also had very knowledgable sales staff who weren't too pushy and a Jubilee sale that we happened to walk into the middle of. After much searching and bed-testing (on Matt's behalf) and checking to see if we could find Narnia (yeah...Ryan), we settled on a King-sized 1000-pocket-spring mattress and a brand new, solid oak frame. Let's just say the price was an absolute steal AND we were approved for credit so our payments are around £30/month! We threw in two posh memory foam pillows and the salesman even gave Ryan a giant Dreams teddy in PJs for free!

We never even thought we'd find anything within our price range there, but now we're so glad we stopped in because we found what we were looking for and it's going to be delivered (TO our bedroom) in only 2 weeks! All being well it won't be much longer until Matt is finally getting a smooth nights' sleep for a change.

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