Sunday, 6 May 2012

Y4 - 219/365: Days of the Week!

I've added yet another learning element to Ryan's environment -- a calendar, of sorts. I got the download from another blogger at 1+1+1=1. It's the same one where Tot School came from and she has fantastic resources for home educating. Ryan already gets some of the days like Sunday and Monday, but he also wants to argue that all of the days are those days. He has also enjoyed looking out the window to tell me the weather and then putting up the corresponding weather tile.

I'm actually covering the lead teacher position in nursery at the moment, for a fortnight, and they're undergoing lots of changes to improve the childrens' environment. Since it's a school where I am quite familiar, I am comfortable enough with the staff to offer up suggestions and they've been really receptive. I've introduced a couple of new songs (learned from downloads on 1+1+1=1) with the children and the staff have really seemed to take to them well also. To top it off, I'm getting great ideas in return from the nursery of things I can do and make at home with Ryan.

(This second photo is for no other reason other than he looks cute and hip in his Rolling Stones North American Tour tee.)

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