Saturday, 28 April 2012

Y4 - 211/365: Get the Juices Flowing!

We were feeling a bit creative on this cold and blustery day so I granted sir's request for "pway-poh" and included some chopped up straw bits to stick into it as well.

Happiest. 2-year-old. Ever.

Later we broke out my fancy Asda brand dry-erase markers. We've been playing this "game" lately where I draw something that Ryan asks me to and then HE improves it. As you can see we had a few fish and a boat...and then a stick figure person, which turned out to be Nana -- I had NO idea!

Josie, you didn't tell me you owned your own sailboat!

Then Ryan's improvement was adding some "yeh-woh" hair and then ordering me to draw "Gran-grah" before providing his stick person with a brown bonce.

I'm actually quite impressed at his control because he didn't scribble all over the board. He isolated where he wanted the colour to be and did it before moving on to something else.

I think I may keep his art forever.

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