Friday, 27 April 2012

Y4 - 210/365: Driving Miss Dolly

As sweet as it is and as much as I love that my son is exploring his nurturing side, it really irritates me that they don't make any neutral colour options when it comes to dolly pushchairs. Sure if I searched and searched I might find something on eBay, but it does nothing for my argument that boys should be allowed to play with dolls and such, just like girls do, when pink and purple are the main colours offered and the general public see those only as 'girl' colours. It often leads some to think it's not okay for boys to play with these toys, they they're too "girly" and it must mean a boy would absolutely be teased for it. While the teasing may still happen (depending on their age) it's up to parents to educate their children about teasing others, for one. Also, many don't consider the benefit it has in helping boys to understand caring for someone/something else. It encourages them to develop empathy and be nurturing -- and who doesn't want that in their child?

Our rule for now is that Ryan will be allowed to play with any age-appropriate toys that he shows an interest in...regardless of colour or gender-typing.

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