Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Y4 - 187/365: Daddy-Ryan Week

Matt had decided after my lie-in on Sunday that he didn't want to waste any of his time off this week by staying in bed, himself, when he could be spending quality time with Ryan since he's usually at work and missing him. So every morning he has taken him one-on-one until his naptime while I am afforded the glorious priviledge of more sleep (which also means staying in bed and playing Angry Birds Space or Draw Something).

Ryan has been loving every second and even seems surprised at points throughout the day to see that Daddy is "still there."

We had a bit of a lazy Wednesday in terms of getting properly dressed and this was because Matt and I decided to tackle the washing up and laundry. When Ryan went down for his nap we washed dishes in tandem -- I washed while Matt dryed...and joked I was taking too long doing the washing until I pointed out it was because I was doing it right and getting the dishes properly cleaned and rinsed.

Once Ryan was up from his nap, he "helped" a bit with laundry. He was finding the matching pairs to my crazy-printed, fuzzy socks and "folding" his bibs himself. It was a really nice, laid-back day and everyone got involved in chores.

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