Saturday, 21 April 2012

Y4 - 204/365: Blog Camp 2012

Erin and I attended Blog Camp today in Birmingham. I've had it booked for months and although I've never been to anything like it before I still thought it might be interesting. There were a few sets of different seminars to choose to attend and one of them dealt with 'How to be Snarky and Get Away With It.' (See above: Rule #1)

It's odd to be going to a seminar about blogs when I'm so far behind on my own. (I'm actually writing this post in June but the last blog I completed before I attended blog camp was the 7th of March.) Still, I figured the discussions would benefit me and help me improve my own.

I attended some other sessions about photography since mine is a photo-blog and I was able to get some really good tips and suggestions on free photo-editing software, like PicMonkey. Hopefully I'll be able to attend again next year.

My blog has gotten a bit dull since I started -- at least in my opinion -- and I don't know if it's because I'm taking on too much by trying to keep up a 365 or not. Also, many of my posts are just about Ryan, and while he IS my life, there is still more to me and more that I would like to write about. In a way, I suppose this Blog Camp was an eye-opener about what I want to change and improve.

I rounded off the evening with a nice trip to Mecca with Emma. When I reached in my bag to pull out my stampers, I discovered Ryan's collection of Numberjacks. I can't be out anywhere for very long without a little reminder of my tiny love. A sure sign you

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