Saturday, 14 April 2012

Y4 - 197/365: Who Are You Calling a Scallywag?

I had some vouchers from our Raa Raa event to pay just £1 to Scallywags inside Merry Hill Centre. The lovely, fellow American expat, Erin, decided to join me with her son and we then met up with another expat, Kim, and her husband for some Krispy Kreme.

The boys had loads of fun and pretty much had the place to themselves. It's a very scaled-down version of the Scallywags at Brierley Hill, but I didn't mind because I could see Ryan the whole time and I was even able to go through the structure with him.

Krispy Kreme was delicious, as usual, and I even thought enough to bring home doughnuts to share.

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