Thursday, 5 April 2012

Y4 - 188/365: Another Weigh-in

We went to the baby clinic today to have a weigh-in for Ryan for two reasons. One, the most important, being that he has yet to have an appointment come through for his two-year checks despite phone calls and an answer phone message with the health visitor team requesting one. I'm very displeased about this as Sandwell have already admitted to me they're a bit short-staffed, but I still feel it's unacceptable. The second reason is we have had a minor concern with his digestion leading to a doctor's visit that planted the suggestion that he may need to be tested for Celiac.

We left feeling a bit better as his current weight, just a few ounces shy of 30 pounds, shows he has been gaining consistently, which is one step towards ruling the possibility of Celiac out. The next step is to look a bit deeper into his diet and see if eliminating certain foods, namely yoghurt, makes more of a difference.

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