Monday, 26 March 2012

Y4 - 178/365: "I No Wike Dis, Mama!"

This has been one of Ryan's favourite phrases lately. He objects to nearly everything outside of sandwiches and toast and claims he doesn't like it. However, the parenting skill Matt and I discovered was to leave him to it, not turn around and make something different, and in time he will eat it. In fact, once he has a bite, he seems to remember that he DOES in fact like it. He's just trying to use his two-year-old assertiveness and attempts at negotiation.

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Eastendmom said...

Good for you. This policy will serve you well as he gets older. I wised up after my eldest and refused to make separate meals for the subsequent kids - and although everyone has their likes and dislikes, they must have a bit of whatever I've made for dinner. No short order cooking here!