Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Y4 - 166/365: Leaving His Mark

Occasionally I will pick up one of the childrens' "magazines" for Ryan...the ones with the free toy. Yes, they tend to be something cheap that breaks right away, but I like to see the look on his face when he sees there is a little treat along with the magazine and he also likes to thumb through the contents of the magazine itself, pointing out his favourite characters.

Today's selection was from a Something Special magazine with Mr. Tumble (Justin Fletcher). The toy that came with it was a colourful stamper set, which we put to use straightaway. Ryan even sussed that if he skipped the stampers altogether, he could make colourful stamp prints with his own fingers.

Unfortunately, I discovered during the cleanup that one of the colours left a bit of a stain on his table, so I don't think we'll be keeping these, but at least he had fun while they lasted. I'll probably keep the stampers and find some more child/cleanup-friendly stamp pads to use them with.

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